The junior weekend is already over! Unbelivable amount of work was done durin the weekend!

All started on sunny and warm Saturday by cleaning all the track form Humppila to Jokioinen. All the used sleepers were loaded to a flat car and taken tu Humppila and also all the lever crossings cleaned of sand harder than cement! Nobody will forget the rock hard sand on level crossings and the weights of wet rotten sleepers!

Young people standing in front of a green diesel locomotive.
Most of the participants of the Junior Weekend 2015 at the Jokioinen factory spur. The smallest ones stayed at Minkiö to pick out the locomotive coal! Photo: Markku Nummelin

On saturday evening there was a sauna at Minkiö. After sauna sausages were grilled and a bucket full of pancakes made! After that it was not difficult to sleep!

Sunday was a rainy day but alot was done indoors. The larger locomotive shed was fully cleaned and even some of the locomotives washed. Also some switching practice was made while moving the equipement!

You can still get back to the junior weekend by watching this video...