During the traditional junior weekend, from 22 to 24 April 22 young people meet at Minkie to get to know the railway and to have some fun. The weekend began on Saturday at 11.00 with a small introduction to the Jokioinen Museum Railway Museum. After lunch, there was a train ride to Humppila.

During the train ride everyone willing could travel in the locomotive and also try out operating the locomotive. At Humppila station the job was to empty one box car and some switching work to make up the goods train with few empty box cars to be talen to Minkiö. After that, a traditional group photo was taken, a snack was eaten at the Humppila station and the started the train trip back towards Minkiö.

A group picture of all the attendees of the junior weekend at Humppila station in front of JR3 passenger coach.
The traditional group photo of the junior weekend was taken this year at Humppila station before heading back to Minkiö. Photo: Markku Nummelin 22.4.2017.

As Minkiö approaches, air fills with the snowfall, so the planned barbecue on the Santavaihde fire place and lean to shelter was cancelled. The evening at Minkiö was spent by driving handcars, heating up steam locomotives and finally bathing in Sauna and eating pancakes. The bravest dared to ride handcars in the snow and sleet rain for hours and even take sauna in the outdoor sauna!

On Sunday after a delicious breakfast, some of the group participated in the maintenance and heating of steam locomotives and also made a ride on the JR 5 "Orion" steam locomotive. The second group of people emptied "GB" a box car and the Cooperative's storage shed of all items stored there into two freight cars taken from Humppila day before. All traffic signs and signals were also moved to a new signal warehouse and placed there on shelves. The best part of the cleaning job was to transport the goods to their new locations with roller wagons and handcars.

At the end of the day there were handcar rides and a delicious lunch prepared by the young participants them shelves. After a small final cleaning, the weekend ended slightly after 14:00 and everyone seemed to have fun until the end.