Are you a youth between 2-18 years old, interested in railways or just wanting to have a new hobby?

The Museum Railway Association will organize the annual youth volunteer weekend at Jokioinen Museum Railway on 26.–27.4.2014. The program will include at least steam train rides, hand trolley trips, organized volunteer work sessions, and of course sauna, barbeque and nice time together.

You do not have to be a member of the Museum Railway Association to attend to the event. You can also take you friends with you, even many of them!

Accommodation and meals are paid by the Museum Railway Association, so the weekend will be free for you. You only need a sleeping bag (or bed sheets), towel, etc for sauna and outdoor clothing. Do not forget that you clothes will get dirty, so do not take your best Sunday clothes with you!

The event will begin at Minkiö station (Kiipuntie 49, Jokioinen) on Saturday 26.4. at 12 and ends on Sunday 27.4. at about 14. You can come with your own transport, by bus (see or by train ( We can pick you from the Humppila railway station or from a bus stop if needed. If you are traveling from far away you can also arrive at Minkiö already on Friday evening.

Please sign on by 17.4.2014. There is space for 14 attendees, so sign on now!

For more information and to sign on the event, please contact Mr Teemu Virtanen. You can also sign on by joining in the  Facebook-event.