Museum railway is suitable hobby also for young people - boys or girls. It is possible to become a volunteer in age of 12. Many of Jokioinen Museum Railway volunteers are members of Museum Railway Association, but the membership is not mandatory to became a volunteer.


Youngsters between 12 and 15 years of age can help, for example, with some renovating and maintenance works of railway rolling stock, railway track and buildings or maybe with track inspection duties. Also Minkiö Steam Festival arranging duties are suitable also for young volunteers.

All voluntary duties will be completely monitored by experienced young volunteers and adults. All people in voluntary duties are also insured by Museum Railway Association.

It its possible to practice Museum Railway traffic duties from 12 years of age. Such activities are junior brake man and track inspection duties, which are guided and supervised by experienced volunteers. People over 15 years could start working on these duties independently after practical and theoretical training. Read more about traffic duties...

You can ask further information of Museum Railway Association junior activities by contacting Tuomas Juhantila.