Charted by an international railway photograohers group a goods train visited the new Humppila station for the first time on Saturday the 29th of June 2019. The restored station building with the surrounding park, a locomotive firewood shed, a workers hut, and an old railway crane is a prefect surrounding for a steam locomotive hauled freight train.

Mustan höyryveturin vetämä tavarajuna keltaisen puisen semarakennuksen edessä.
The first steam locomotive hauled goods train arrives at Humppila station. Photo: Jyrki Längman 29.6.2019.

The renovation of the station continues through rest of the summer and early autumn with electricity and plumbing work and by installing furniture and acsessories. The aim is to have the café fully functioning by the Santa Claus Train.

Also a second station platform was constructed at the station so there could be two trains at the same time. The new platform will be used for the first time during Minkiö Steam Festival on 27.-28.7. 2019.