The trainer teaches in front of the class while the course participants follow in a concentrated manner.
OLM Trtaining class. Photo: Jussi Tepponen 25.3.2018.

The Traffic Safety (OLM) training of the Jokioinen Museum Railway for new participants and the ones needing to do revision of the traffic safety rules will be held on Saturday 25.3. at 10.00 at Kiipu Village Hall at Minkiö station. (large masonry building next to the Minkiö station). Training and a traffic safety test are requirements for practical training and working with train operations at the Jokioinen Museum Railway.

Before training at 9.45 coffee will be served.

After the training participants can take the traffic safety exam. Lunch and coffee is served for the participants. It will be also possible to stay at Minkiö for whole weekend. The sauna will be hot in the evening and are volunteer work sessions and the locomotive fireman training on Sunday.

If you can not attend on this date, you can agree on private lessons and an exam. You can sign on the training by contacting Mr  Jussi Tepponen.

We kindly ask you to sign on latest by 20.3.2020. The training will be in Finnish.