Volunteer workers having lunch on the Minkiö station platform.
Lunch break after volunteer work session at Minkiö in srping 1982. Photo: Jorma Attila.

With spring fast approaching, it's good for everyone to know about upcoming events and voluntary work sessions. So here is a list, which will be kept updated:

Coming events

Sa 25.3.
Trafic rules (OLM) training and exam at Kiipu village house at Minkiö station at 10.00.
Su 25.3.
Sprimg meeting of the Museum Railway Association at Kiipu Village House at Minkiö Station starting at 12.00.
The youth weekend 2023 (more information coming)
Su 11.6.
The summer operating season starts with Minkiö Antic car Day and Humppila Day on the same day!

Voluntary work in Spring

During the winter and spring, Minkiö has small-scale voluntary work sessions almost every weekend. The work includes, for example, the overhaul of the LWR160 mail car and the overhaul of the Schöma diesel locomotive. Ask more about voluntary work from the email address talkoot [at] museorautatieyhdistys.fi.